We are dedicated to improving lives through the identification of strengths in individuals, groups, and organizations. We know there is excellence in everyone!  Each person and group has a unique pattern of core, motivated strengths – Dependable Strengths – that can be brought to light to bring out their best.

We conduct Dependable Strengths workshops for ORGANIZATIONS on the strengths-based approach to:

  • Team Building         

  • Internal Career Development

  • Maximizing Use of Human Resources

  • Appreciating Diversity

We conduct Dependable Strengths workshops for the GENERAL PUBLIC on the strengths-based approach to:

  • Job-Finding

  • Job Interviewing

  • Career Changing and Renewal

  • Strength-Based Resumes

  • Salary Negotiations

We also offer CUSTOMIZED Dependable Strengths workshops, presentations and demonstrations as requested by organizations, agencies, businesses, schools, and groups.  Our many clients have included:

  • The Boeing Company

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • The Spokane Indian Tribe

  • US Forest Service

  • Northern Kentucky University

  • Bellevue College

Dependable Strengths workshops BENEFIT ANYONE and have been delivered to a wide variety of populations of all ages, including:

  • K-12 Students

  • College Students

  • Career Changers


The DSAP is a unique interactive, peer-assisted, group process proven through research to improve self-esteem, motivation and internal locus of control while uncovering your most Dependable Strengths.  The DSAP enables you to…

  • Identify your unique pattern of core strengths, talents and abilities

  • Become motivated to be your best

  • Take action to express your strengths in work, home and life.


To identify Dependable Strengths we conduct workshops and trainings in the time-tested  Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP) and its many adaptations.  The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP) is based on the premise that everyone has excellence deep within them.  This excellence – in the form of a unique pattern of Dependable Strengths – can be identified and brought to awareness, enabling you to do your best work and experience your greatest satisfaction and fulfillment in life. The DSAP is the most effective method known for uncovering hidden strengths, unlocking potential, finding meaningful work, and increasing career and life satisfaction. From decades of experience, we know success and fulfillment are built upon strengths – what you CAN do, not what you can’t!

We also train and certify professionals to facilitate the DSAP with their constituents:  clients, customers, staff, employees, students, etc.  Dependable Strengths Facilitator Trainings are conducted each year by DS Master Trainers. Trainings include experiencing the DSAP for yourself, gaining skills and knowledge to facilitate the DSAP with your constituents, and all materials – including every word needed – to deliver the DSAP.

DSAP Components
The DSAP is a planned sequence of 62 activities in an engaging 18-hour process usually conducted over two and a half days.   The purpose is to identify your unique pattern of core strengths – Dependable Strengths – then apply this knowledge to finding meaningful work using the Job Magnet System. The DSAP includes small group activities, short lecture, discussion, reflection, and experiential elements, including:

  • REMEMBERING… special events in your past called Good Experiences

  • DESCRIBING… these experiences in detail to others and receiving feedback about strengths

  • DETERMINING… your unique pattern of strengths using the Strengths Exploration Chart

  • CONFIRMING… your Dependable Strengths using the Reality Test

  • COMPILING… a Dependable Strengths Report describing you at your best

  • USING… the DS Report to attract job offers using the Job Magnet System


Research from the Dependable Strengths Project at the University of Washington has shown that participants in DSAP enhance employability and overall career and life satisfaction by increasing their…

  • self-esteem

  • motivation

  • confidence


The Job Magnet System is a time-tested, non-traditional, strengths-based approach to finding work that enables you to attract job offers without asking for a job.  It is based on the fact that the most effective method of acquiring work is still through talking with other people.  The Job Magnet System has proven effective for over 50 years and has shown to cut the time to find a job in about half.

An Effective Alternative
In over 50 years of use and refinement, Bernard Haldane developed the Job Magnet System into an effective and valuable alternative to the traditional job search.  Instead of endless rounds of sending out resumes, filling out job applications, and getting discouraging rejections (or worse, no response at all!), you will experience encouragement, support from others, and quicker success with the Job Magnet System.


Benefits of the Job Magnet System
If you consistently apply the Job Magnet System, you will find that…

  • Anyone can be a helpful job contact

  • Finding a job takes about half the time as usual 

  • You will mostly feel encouraged

The Components
The essence of the Job Magnet System involves asking other people for three things:  advice, to be remembered, and to be referred.   The sequence of steps in the system include…

  • Identifying your Dependable Strengths with the DSAP

  • Developing a Dependable Strengths Report

  • Learning the Job Magnet approach to making contacts

Anyone can be a Job Magnet contact
Through these steps you eventually develop relationships with a wide variety of people who are, in essence, assisting you with your job search – keeping their eyes and ears open for jobs that might fit you. Bernard Haldane, the originator of the Job Magnet System, called this creating a “chain of helpfulness” in which everybody benefits:  you get a job, the employer gets a good employee, and the contact person who refers you has done a favor for his/her friend.  It’s a win-win-win situation.

  • Veterans Centers

  • Washington State Department of Services for the Blind

  • Luther Seminary

  • Washington State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Kapiolani Community College

  • Idaho State Department of Vocational Education

  • Goal Setting

  • Building Relationships

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Coping With a Job You Dislike 

  • …and more!

  • Increasing Productivity

  • Improving Morale

  • Organizational Development

  • …and more!

  • Senior Citizens

  • Correctional Facility Inmates

  • The Unemployed

  • Rejection is minimized

  • You will eventually receive inquiries/job offers from potential employers

  • Jobs acquired more closely match your strengths and are more meaningful

  • Enlisting people to read your Report and give advice about work

  • Asking to be remembered for a period of time in case a job opens up

  • Asking for a referral to others who could give advice