We offer you our support and encouragement to become a certified facilitator of the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process. These are the possible certifications (click on each for details and requirements!):


If you completed the Instructor Training, you are authorized to lead your clients and students and associates, your family and friends, through the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process.


If you are preparing to lead a DSAP experience, you will want to bear in mind the following:

Number of Participants
It is best to work with participants in multiples of four—so that each participant gets the full value of peer feedback that we call the quad experience. It is advisable to limit the number of participants to eight for each facilitator, though two experienced facilitators may be able to accommodate as many as twenty-four participants.

There is no standard cost for presenting a workshop. The cost will vary, depending on your resources. You will have to do your own planning and pricing and calculating, but here are the cost items to consider:


  • Visual Aids or PowerPoint

  • Blank Flipchart Sheets (6 - 12)

  • Marking Pens (2 - 3)

  • Refreshments/Meals (if any)

  • Equipment (LCD projector, screen, easel for flipchart)

  • Facilities

  • Per Participant Copy of Prework (9 pages plus cover letter, envelope and postage if sent via USPS; originals available here)

  • Copy of Participant’s Workbook (35 pages in a 3-ring binder; originals provided in your Facilitator’s Manual)

  • Name Tag

  • Name Plate (tent card),

  • Pencil

  • Crayons (2 or 3)

  • Blank Paper (2 or 3 sheets)

  • You may set your own fee based upon your costs, the participants’ ability to pay, and any organizational guidelines that apply. A fair market value for a 16-hour DSAP workshop is $200 per person.

  • Fees & Royalties.  Remember that you have signed an agreement to send to the Center for Dependable Strengths 15% of all personal income generated by your use of the DS process. You are not required to charge for your services, but you may—and it is generally advisable on the principle that people tend to value an experience in terms of dollars and cents.

Remember that your Facilitator’s Manual is protected by copyright. As a recipient of the Manual, you are free to copy portions (and you will need to copy portions in order to make your own set of visual aids and to produce copies of the Participant’s Workbook), but you are not free to alter the material, and you must present the material as material protected by copyright.

New facilitators are advised to adhere to the DS process as outlined in the Facilitator’s Manual. A lot of wisdom, gained from years and years of experience, has been packed into the standard presentation. However, adjustments can be made to accommodate cultural and clientele differences.  (See the “Results” section for a wide variety of DSAP experiences.)

It is generally advisable to work with a co-facilitator, but not required.  There are three ways to find a co-facilitator:

  • Contact one of the other participants from your Four-Day Facilitator Training. You have the contact information on a list you received during the training. If you have misplaced your list, request the information you need from CDS Headquarters.

  • Go to DS Facilitators>Resources where you will find listings for DSAP facilitators available for contact.

  • Request assistance from the CDS Headquarters.

Be sure to keep a careful record of your work as a DSAP facilitator. You have already paid your application fee for Certification. It was included in the cost of your Four-Day Training.
Submit these to CDS Headquarters as you complete them.

As a certified DSAP facilitator, you are a member of the Dependable Strengths community. You received the DS Facilitator password the last day of your DS Facilitator Training. If you have forgotten the password, it is available to authorized DSAP facilitators upon request. Send your request by email to CDS Headquarters.

Good Experiences
Every time you facilitate the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process, you will be adding to your fund of good experiences. Don’t keep those good experiences to yourself. Tell the world!