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The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP) is a peer-assisted, group process for identifying individual strengths.  This in-depth, interactive method produces many benefits far beyond those of traditional question and answer strengths-identification instruments. 

The DSAP is founded on the premise that everyone has his/her own excellence in the form of a unique pattern of strengths.  As Bernard Haldane, Ph.D., founder of DSAP said, “Because you are unique, there is something you are better at than anybody else”.  

10 Benefits to INDIVIDUALS:

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Through DSAP, you identify your own, truly unique pattern of strengths. There are no pre-determined labels or “boxes” into which you must fit. DSAP does not rely on any outside framework or theory to determine your dependable strengths – you do it for yourself, in your own words, from your own experience. This produces truly unique results…just for you!

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Research at the University of Washington has shown DSAP increases self-esteem. Awareness of your unique strengths and “proof” of those from your own past experience creates an appropriate pride in yourself, a sense of importance in the world – a valuing of yourself that can lead to personal transformation, a more fulfilling life, and a greater contribution to the world.

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When you experience the DSAP, you will become energized and enthusiastic. You will tap into your positive emotions which will cause you to “come alive”.  This energy surfaces within groups as well as individuals.

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You will be moved to take action with your new energy and knowledge of yourself. You will make changes – sometimes in small ways, sometimes in large ways, and now and then in miraculous ways. And these changes are inevitably toward the “good” – making your life or the world around you better and more positive. You will move toward becoming your “best self.”

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Research at the University of Washington has shown DSAP participants gain “internal locus of control” –  a clearer sense of direction and purpose in their lives. You will become more self-directed rather than other-directed.  In other words, you will be less driven by forces outside yourself and will come to feel more in charge of your life and “know where you are going.”

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You will identify the core value you bring to an employer (your dependable strengths) and become comfortable in expressing that value. You will have the information and confidence to be successful in a job interview. You will also open up a wider range of employment options for yourself – realizing your strengths can be applied in many work settings.

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DSAP provides a foundation for reflection about the course of your life – are you doing what you ought to be doing? You will find the answer by asking yourself,  “am i following my dependable strengths?”  By knowing your dependable strengths you will have an internal “guide” which you can rely upon to help you make good decisions and determine your best future.

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You will form deep connections quickly with other members of your DSAP group. You will form bonds with others easily and reduce isolationism or separatism. You will experience a new level of togetherness with others.

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You will come to a deeper respect for others because of their individual strengths.   You will come to appreciate the differences of others. The term, “appreciation of diversity” will become a reality for you in the DSAP process.



You will gain confidence in your ability to handle tasks and projects.  You will know what you do well and enjoy doing, and have “proof” from your past experience that you can actually do what you say.  This will give you the willingness to take on new challenges and make your life better.

Additional Benefits to GROUPS:

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DSAP groups become energized to achieve goals. They gain confidence in their ability to handle tasks and projects by experiencing the power of pooling individual strengths toward a common goal. They also become very realistic about how to achieve their goals – realizing the strengths needed to perform tasks involved.

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Organizations or groups that use DSAP enable members to see themselves and each other in terms of strengths – each as valuable and necessary. This produces an atmosphere of appreciation focused on the “positive”. It creates increased cooperation, collaboration, connection, and “community” – all which contribute to increased morale.

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When organizations recognize the true strengths of each member through the DSAP process, tasks can be rearranged to match individual strengths.  Committees and work groups formed based on those strengths enable members to do more of what they do well and enjoy. As a result, productivity goes up.



DSAP workshops can be conducted by copying a few worksheets for each participant. No special booklets need be purchased, no dependency upon a supplier or wait time for published materials. Delivery is flexible and portable. DSAP workshops can be run anytime, anywhere with very little expense.

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