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Online Dependable Strengths for Organizations

Online Dependable Strengths for Organizations

Dependable Strengths for the Internet (DSi) is a powerful on-line tool to begin identifying your unique strengths.  DSi will take you through the essential steps of the full Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP), although without the usual face-to-face, group interaction. DSi is engaging and easy to use, and storage of your data allows you to return to your information for further exploration or to make changes



  • Outcomes

    Employees/clients/students will have access to review your past Good Experiences, analyze them in the Strengths Exploration Chart, then check them for validity with the Reality Test to come up with your most Dependable Strengths – things you naturally do well and enjoy doing.  You can print your results in the form of a simple Dependable Strengths Report, then see a list of Occupations that match your Dependable Strengths.

  • Format

    for a one-year license for all employees/clients/students at your site

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