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We train professionals to facilitate the Dependable Strengths process with clients, students, staff, employees, or others uncovering individual potential and talent leading to more confidence, productivity employability and career satisfaction. After completion of one of our trainings you will be certified to lead your clients, students and associates through the Dependable Strengths Process increasing their potential for success.


You can find our offerings under the Workshop tab.

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In our Career Changers and Job Seekers workshop you will gain awareness of your unique strengths; learn effective strengths based job-finding and interview skills; and connect with others. You will increase your clarity and confidence about making a change that aligns with your strengths and values while gaining effective skills for finding new work and life-direction.

You can find our offerings under the Workshop tab.

"This was the most incredible training ever. Never a dull moment and I learned so much that will help me and my clients. You've got to take it!"

Sophie Grant

Employment Counselor

"Amazing opportunity to learn more about myself, my abilities, and strengths."

"I learned so much about myself and how with my special gifts, I can effect change in the world and help others uncover their gifts."

"I gained validation of my self-worth; and learned how to approach packaging my strengths."

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Summer IN-PERSON Dependable Strengths Facilitator Training
Offered in partnership with the Middle Atlantic Career Counseling Association
July 29 and 30, 2024
POAC, 1306 Concourse Drive, Suite 340, Linthincum MD 21090

  • Have you discovered your Dependable Strengths?

  • Would you like to support your clientele in the journey to discover their strengths and talents?

  • Did you attend a concurrent session before and always wanted to look further into the training?

This year's annual event will be an expanded training opportunity where we can dive deeper into our own talents so that we may better serve other and for about the same cost as attending virtually!

One of the most valuable tools we can assist our students and clients with is the ability to identify, clarify, and talk about the strengths they really enjoy using so they can develop their brand and expand opportunities to use their potential. Through the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process we embark on a process that begins by exploring things we actively made happen that energize us. Individual narratives will be created to fit who we are at our best. The result is a more effective job search and career satisfaction. Not only will we show you how to identify and clarify strengths that energize you, but we will also show you a proven process to build your network and obtain satisfying employment. You will be provided with the tools, materials, and techniques to help your clientele individually or in groups.

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