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The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP)

DSAP is a rigorous, eighteen-hour, peer-assisted, group process. Participants reflect on their experiences in life, identify their patterns of strengths, and learn how to talk about their Dependable Strengths® in ways that demonstrate their value to an organization or community. Dependable Strengths are those core strengths that define a person’s special talent for excellence.

Step 1: Remember
Remember your Good Experiences
, special events in your life when you did something you believe you did well, enjoyed doing and are proud of.

Step 2: Tell
Tell about your top Good Experiences and receive peer feedback about your strengths

Step 3: Discover
Discover your pattern of strengths with the Dependable Strengths Exploration Chart

Step 4: Confirm
Confirm your Dependable Strengths with the Dependable Strengths Reality Test

Step 5: Write
Write a Dependable Strengths Report that proves your special talent for excellence.

Step 6: Use
Use your Dependable Strengths Report in the Dependable Strengths Job Magnet System, and begin attracting job offers.

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