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The Dependable Strengths process was developed by Bernard Haldane in 1945 to help military personnel transition to civilian life. The overwhelming success of that endeavor won the attention of Harvard Business School, which incorporated the Haldane method in its Manual for Alumni Placement.

Today the Dependable Strengths process is in use worldwide in schools (K-12), colleges and universities, community organizations, veterans’ associations, churches, businesses, correction facilities, and human services agencies. Dependable Strengths® is a highly effective approach to personal wellbeing and resiliency, job search, career planning, team building, organizational development, community participation, and more.

The Center for Dependable Strengths (CDS) trains professionals, in the helping professions, to facilitate the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process. CDS is a not-for-profit, 501(C)3 tax-exempt organization. A volunteer Board of Directors governs CDS. Each director brings to the board a special blend of life experience, professional experience, and experience as a Dependable Strengths Master Trainer.



Graphic: Photo of Bernard and Jean Haldane

"Because you're unique,
there's something you are better at
than anybody else."

CDS Founder, Bernard Haldane

Cover - "Career Planning and Adult Development JOURNAL"

Career Planning & Adult
Development Journal

The Bernard Haldane Issue

Kate Duttro of the University of Washington is the Guest Editor for this special issue on the work of Bernard Haldane. From Kate's excellent selection of authors, we get a clear picture of the widespread influence of a pioneer of the career counseling profession.

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